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Value Added Courses

Effective supervision & leadership skills (1day)


Quality begins with identifying customer needs and translating them into specific product or service features. However, the process of building a quality workforce often begins at the supervisor level. According to Deming, only 6% of the 'troubles and holes' in a company's quality performance can be blamed on isolated mechanical problems, service glitches, or poor workers. 94%, on the other hand, can be blamed on problems of the system itself - and are therefore the responsibility of the supervisors. This course is specially designed to equip supervisory staff with the correct and adequate supervisory and leadership skills to achieve company's objectives.

Course Objectives

This course is specially prepared to provide participants with comprehensive understanding of:

• developing the necessary skills for managing staff to achieve set objectives
• understanding the importance of team building and motivation at work
• planning, organising and assigning tasks; monitoring, motivating and coaching fellow workers; managing change and solve problems

Course Content

• The changing role of a Supervisor
• Effective skills in getting works done
• Leadership skills & motivation
• Communication requirements of a Supervisor
• Problem solving skills through effective decision making
• Coaching/counselling skills to prevent conflict at workplace

Who should attend

Newly promoted supervisor or supervisors who wish to upgrade and gain in in-depth understanding of the important skill to lead a team of workers to achieve objectives. Any company's personnel, including leaders or foremen, who are responsible for achieving customer satisfaction through teamwork, are encouraged to attend.

5S Housekeeping (1day)

Course Objectives

The goal of this program is to introduce the 5'S' and what it can contribute to an organisation.

Upon completion of this course, participants will able to understand 5'S' is a systemised approach to organised work areas, keep rules and standards and maintain the discipline needed to do a good job.

Course Content

• 5'S' Definition
• 5'S' Benefits
• Implementation Framework
• 5'S' towards Quality Manufacturing
• Self discipline practices

Who should attend

Personnel who are involved in quality, production, planning & control, administration, human resource, maintenanace and purchasing are encouraged to attend.

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