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Technical Monitoring Services


Much have been written about the need for competitiveness. The rapid development of new technologies and eCommerce are eroding barriers to international trade and investments. With this growing trend, both the public and private sector are finding themselves striving to succeed against increasing difficult odds.

The new challenge for all companies today is to achieve international competitiveness. Companies are continuously in search of external resources to address the limited resources and technical know-how that they are facing. At HQCPL, we believe strategic partnership is the key to succeed in the global competitive challenge. Bringing resources together and the transfer of technical know-how through our value-added consultation and training services, we can improve performance and create new opportunities together.

With our multi disciplinary expertise, we are able to provide a full range of services in helping organisations to meet their objectives for continual improvement and customer satisfaction.

Technical Monitoring Services
Besides conducting initial environmental review and OHSAS risk audits for clients preparing themselves for the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 respectively, our technical division also provides various environmental and industrial hygiene monitoring services for industrial. Environmental and industrial hygiene monitoring are one of the important criteria as a measurement for the existing baseline and performance relating compliances to environmental regulations and international hygiene standards and controls. We have professionals who are able to provide consultancy and monitoring services in the areas of :

a. Industrial Hygiene Monitoring on Air Pollutant Permissible Exposure Limit
• Monitoring standards are in accordance to NIOSH, ACGIH, MOM guidelines.
• Identifying types of pollutants by our professionals on site.

b. Industrial Hygiene Noise Monitoring
• Monitoring standards are in accordance to Ministry of Manpower guidelines.
• Including of personal exposure TWA and noise mapping services in the workplace.
• Submitting to the Ministry on behalf of client.

c. Boundary Noise Monitoring
• Monitoring standards are in accordance to Ministry of Environment Public Health Act requirement for the premises boundary.

d. Stack Monitoring
• Monitoring are in accordance to USEPA requirement for the discharge stack monitoring.
• Submitting reports to the ministry on behalf of client.

e. Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
• Monitoring based on Ministry of Environment guidelines on indoor air quality for commercial buildings and offices.

f. Environmental Baseline Monitoring for Soil
• Monitoring based on Dutch Standards and USEPA, APHA requirements.
• Including borehole installation, soil sampling and characterization.
• Submiting to authorities on behalf of client.

Besides benefiting from our technical consultants' advices in minimising control, eliminate environmental impacts or safety hazards, clients also enjoy the convenience of a ONE-STOP integrated service for their system documentation, trial audit, technical monitoring and other related consultation services.

This saves clients' time and resources in sourcing as well as reducing substantial worries of the tedious route towards system development and implementation.

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